Eczema Outreach Scotland – Supporting Children with Eczema and Their Families



Journey Into Sound, Vibration, Music & Healing With Punit Yaatri & Dr David Mason Brown £12 (£10)




Sat 4 August 11am - 12pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Sat 4 and 11 August 4pm - 6.30pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Eczema Outreach (Scotland) are showcasing their unique work with children with eczema and their families. Get involved in our Arts and Crafts workshop, learn about our free activities and, most importantly, share your ideas with our friendly team. A great opportunity to know more about this young organisation, have some fun and help shape its ambitious plans.


Ancient civilisations all used sound and music to heal mind and body. More than ever we, in the Western world, need to reconnect with this knowledge and bring back the art of healing with MUSIC into modern healthcare. Take time out and reconnect to PEACE and VITALITY by joining music composer Punit Yaatri for an enlightening TALK & LIVE HEALING MUSIC EXPERIENCE. With special guest, Dr David Mason Brown, who will share valuable insights into how specialised music is able to heal many people. This is a rare and unique opportunity to escape from the stresses of modern life and experience deep healing and upliftment.




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Give Peace A Chant:

Kirtan Yoga & Mantra

Chants £8 (£6)


Singing For Peace And Justice

By donation




Sun 5 August 4pm - 5pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Mon 6 August 10am - 12pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Meditation doesn’t come easy for many people: that’s where Kirtan - an ancient participatory music experience offers another method. One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, the Kirtan call and- response chanting genre comes from India. Using ancient Sanskrit mantras to the accompaniment of instruments Kirtan calls upon sacred energies which effortlessly lift us into a clear, joyous state, invoking peacefulness and bringing us back to the center of our being.


Come and sing songs of peace and social justice with Penny Stone, peace activist, from the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre.  Everyone is welcome, everyone can sing - no previous singing experience necessary.




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Asian/Arabic Fusion

Dance Workshop

£8 (£6)


Intercake! The Great

Pudding Masterclass





Mon 6 August 6pm - 7pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Weds 8 August 6pm - 7pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Explore Asian and Arabic dance forms! This workshop will teach you basic movements and postures, which will be incorporated into a small dance piece and accompanied by live musicians! Inspired by Korean, Indonesian, Indian and Middle Eastern movement. Open to all ages, abilities and genders.


Are you ‘Into Cake’? Are your buns simply the best? Come and discover some new skills and new favourite recipes in this masterclass - suitable for kitchen novices and master bakers alike. A booklet featuring popular sweet & pudding recipes from different cultures is included with each paid entry.




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All Questions And No Answers –

Workshop For Adults

By donation


Henna Workshop

For Beginners





Thurs 9, 16, 23 August 4pm - 4.45pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Thurs 9 August 6pm - 7pm

Fri 24 August 4pm - 5pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Children can be masters of the ‘big questions’ that parents sometime struggle to cope with. These informal discussions provide an opportunity to explore how we help children develop their awareness of the spiritual and grow as spiritual beings without feeling the need to give them all the ‘answers’! Aimed specifically at adults, the discussions run at the same time as our storytelling sessions for children.



Henna is an elegant form of art painted on the hand, arm or head that embodies purity and centuries of symbolism and cultural traditions. This workshop aims to introduce beginners to the material techniques needed to create beautiful, individual works of art made more enchanting by their temporary nature. Led by a local professional all the profit will go to Beyond the Veil, an Edinburgh based Muslim Women’s group.





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Transmission – A Meditation For The New Age



The Trouble With Boys

Is The Trouble With Men

£10 (£7.50)




Thurs 9, Weds 22 August 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QH


Sat 11 August 1pm - 5pm

The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PR




Transmission meditation is a simple form of group meditation that provides both a dynamic service to the world (Karma yoga) and a powerful technique for personal growth (Laya yoga). It is a spiritual practice that affects the entire evolution of humanity for the better.


How do we create the dependable, liberated, and highly evolved men needed in our local communities to be compelling examples required for boys and young men to grow up into selfassured but non-abusive men? Through shared story, discussion and inter-active dialogue, Michael Boyle, founder of a Abandofbrothers, shares one answer to this question in their creation of a rites of passage community that supports and allows men to make a meaningful difference in the lives of local youth.


In partnership with The ManKind Project UK




Not Ticketed


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Last Tango In Edinburgh – Orquesta Atípica De Edimburgo

£10 (£8/£5)


Group Art Project

£10 (£5)




12, 19 August 7.15pm - 9pm

14, 17 August 8.15pm - 10pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Mon 13 August 4pm - 5pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Join Scotland’s leading tango band and embrace the passion of Buenos Aires’ music and dancing, featuring international dancers Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria and guest singer Valentina Montoya. Sit back and relax in our candlelit café or join us on the dance floor and embrace the music of the tango.


Connect via facebook with Orquesta Atípica de Edimburgo


Paint yourself out of the corner and into communication with others. This art-based workshop provides an interactive experience allowing us to comfort our discomforts, where words may have previously failed us. No special skill is required for the simple joy of this playful process taken from the PainT Project, part of a series of workshops held at Ninewells Hospital, for people coping with chronic pain.




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The Larks Ascending

By donation 


Japanese Tea Ceremony

By donation




14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 August 4pm - 5pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)


Tues 21 August 11am - 12 noon

Sat 25 August 6pm - 7pm

Church at St. John’s (Venue 127)




Come and enjoy a performance blending music from Scottish traditional to Indian and Western Classical, poems, quotes and images, granting us a bird’s eye view of the spiritual ascent. With an international group of artists and musicians, including the co-director of the BAFTA award winning short film, ‘Self Realisation’, Larks Ascending invites us on a soul journey into the present moment, unfolding its beautiful gifts.


Dedicated to Shri

Mataji Nirmala Devi


“Cha-no-Yu: Way of Tea,” is a living art which originated in 16th century Japan. The 4 principals of the Tea Ceremony are Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquillity. It synthesizes the arts of elegant Kimono, flower arrangement, calligraphy, pottery and philosophy into a way of life. Mio Shapley, master of the Tea Ceremony, accompanied by shamisen player Hiromi Moffat, warmly invite you once again to come and share a cup of peace and simplicity.







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Breadmaking For Beginners



The Breeze At Dawn –

A Rumi Workshop With

Duncan Mackintosh

£12 (£10)




Sat 25 August 9.30am - 1.30pm

Garvald Bakery, 454 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 2RN


Sat 25 August 4pm - 6pm

Hall at St. John’s (Venue 127)




This half-day course will provide an introduction to bread baking for complete beginners. All ingredients are organic and you will take home everything you make, along with the recipes so you can recreate them at home. Class size is limited to 7 people, and booking is essential. In association with Garvald Edinburgh, providing creative opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.


Rumi’s poems and metaphors are beautiful, wise, and also precise. We will let some of them inspire our exploration of our own experience. In presence, meditation, and gentle enquiry, we will deepen contact with our True Nature.


We are the mirror, as well as

the face in it.


Duncan has been performing Rumi and running workshops on Presence for over 20 years.




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