Civic Cafes

The Festival of Spirituality and Peace also organises invitation-only dialogues on key issues - bringing people together from different disciplines and perspectives, withethe objective of making change possible.


Civic Cafe on Organised Begging in Edinburgh

St Andrew's and St George's West Church on Tuesday 26th June 


There will be contributions from the Romanian Consulate, the Police and the City of Edinburgh Council.

Please let Ian Gilmour know if you wish to attend.


2012 working themes are:

  • Homelessness
  • The Sectarian Divide
  • Collaboration of Edinburgh's smaller festivals
  • Continued work in 'Women as Leaders'
  • Forgiveness as a community practice

If you would like to participate or commission an area of work, please email

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New Director

The Festival of Spirituality & Peace has a new Director: Andrew Newman.  Andrew brings with him an African/ Scottish view on the path to peace, diversity and inclusiveness.


For information on how to contact him visit the 'Meet the team' page

Calling all Performers


FoSP is searching for innovative and thought-provoking events to be part of 2013's Festival


For more information please see the Performing page 

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